Woolers – Handmade


Here you can order leather shoes with non-slip, soft sole. They are perfect for babies from the first days until first steps, but not only…Also safe wooden teethers and blankets/quilts for calm nights in beautiful, friendly colours. So warm and cuddly!

There are crochet dolls and teddies (made of cotton wool, filled with approved silicone balls, which are anti-allergic and completely safe for children). They are unique and original, made with the greatest care. Each of them has their own soul and is one of the kind. They will certainly stay with you for life, being a dear memory of your childhood. They are perfect for the first cuddly toy or a first playmate.


Woolers – Woolers is Marta


Woolers is Marta. And Marta is me. I am a woman, wife, mother and artist with passion. I love what I do and I put in a lot of heart and commitment. My dolls, teddies, cuddly toys are unique. I spend a lot of time with them, from the first to the very last knot. Each of them has their own story, own destiny. I make them with love, passion and commitment and they are certainly unusual. Each of them has a soul filled with warmth and cordiality. Take a closer look at my dolls; I’m sure they will appeal to you… :-)




I use tested materials and safe for the youngest. Yarn the products are made of is 100% cotton yarn that does not cause allergy. 100% cotton and anti-allergenic filling is also used for making blankets. Shoes are made of unadulterated calfskin.



I know perfectly well how important our children’s health is, that is why I am offering you the best quality products. Woolers brand guarantees that all products are not only made with greatest care, but also made of natural and safe materials.




Most products are made for individual order, only some of them are available from stock. Time needed for product making depends on the product itself and availability of material.

Dolls: 7-10 working days
Teethers: 3-4 working days
Blankets/quilts: 4-7 working days
Trousers: 3-4 working days

During this time details like model, colour and size are agreed on. Parcels are sent from Monday to Friday, after prepayment is registered on the account (prepayment 50% of the total price)

Depending on the preferred method of delivery:

DHL – delivery time: 24-48 h
Inpost – delivery time: 3-4 days.

Parcels are also sent abroad (price according to the provider’s price)
For orders above 350 zl FREE shipping in Poland!